"Kathryn's yoga instruction has changed my life.  I suffer from painful scoliosis that is exacerbated by a desk job.  I was amazed to see the dramatic difference in my posture and pain after a few short months of practice. "  G. C.

"Kathryn's yoga class has improved my flexibility and strength and helps me sleep better at night."  Maxine H.

"Since I started taking yoga classes regularly,  the chronic pain in my upper back and shoulders  has almost disappeared.  Learning how to breathe was a huge benefit, as I was mostly shallow breathing before yoga."    Gail L.  

"After attending Kathryn's yoga classes, I have become more aware of my body and my lower back has been stronger than ever.  Kathryn also gave me tips and postures to practice when not in class to help with my lower back pain which helped a lot. I am always aware of my posture now and can find some solution to the pain without medication.  This is a very powerful feeling.  During my teacher training with Kathryn, she not only shared with me the right way for the postures but also gave me the tools to help others with their yoga journey.  The mental calmness and stability that I learnt from these classes made my transition into a new job in a new province a little easier."  Naina U.

"Kathryn is a grounded, warm, knowledgeable teacher. Her class is like a vacation. And the studio that she has created is a beautiful space in which to practice. I only wish I lived closer so I could go more often! Thank you, Kathryn!"  Nicole B.

"Since attending Kathryn's Chair Yoga classes, my high blood pressure and my sugar levels have decreased."  Chair Yoga student 

"Kathryn is a truly gifted yoga teacher who offers a relaxed style of teaching that makes yoga attainable to everyone. She is able to draw upon her many strengths to offer a balanced and well-rounded approach to learning in an atmosphere of mutual respect and harmony. Kathryn is obviously passionate about her craft and somehow knows just what you need in the moment - a push when you need motivation, serenity when you need peace or humour when you need to relax. I feel blessed to call Kathryn my teacher and my friend."   Valerie W.

"Pure Freedom Yoga Studio is a truly intimate and comfortable environment for anyone's yoga practice. Kathryn has a very warm teaching style and I found her class invigorating and inspiring to continue with my own journey of Yoga."         Anette G.

"To celebrate my birthday, I treated myself to my own personal 5-day yoga boot camp at Pure Freedom. By the end of it, I was stronger and much more flexible. Added bonus: A slimmer waistline. The sessions were a fabulous gift to myself."  Victoria L.

The Teacher

Client Testimonials

E-RYT® 500 Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance)

C-IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist  (IAYT)
Hatha ♦ Vinyasa ♦ Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga Teacher

"Yoga is a means of building strength, releasing fears and opening your heart to give and receive. When I practice Yoga, my mind is calm and grounded.  My body feels open, flexible and strong. My spirit is free and empowered.  I love teaching yoga because it allows me to share the powerful healing benefits of yoga with others. " - Kathryn

Kathryn is the owner and full-time yoga teacher of Pure Freedom Yoga Studio in Halifax.   With over 1000 hours of teaching experience and over 600 hours of training,  she is certified at the 500 hour level with the Yoga Alliance and is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists.
Born and raised in Halifax, Kathryn has lived in and around her community for over 16 years.  After completing an undergraduate degree in Computer Science/Mathematics, Kathryn worked as a software application specialist with a local software development company for over 10 years.  She eventually left that position in 2005 to devote more time to her family as well as to her health and well-being.   Over the next few years she discovered holistic nutrition and other complementary/alternative therapies and began a quest to rediscover her true nature. Wanting to venture out into the work force again, she briefly returned to her old job in 2009, before taking a leap of faith by quitting her job and enrolling in a 200 hour yoga teacher training program in Halifax. Wishing to deepen and expand her knowledge, in 2010-2011 Kathryn completed 300 hours of Yoga Therapist teacher training in Ontario.  She has also attended many other mini-trainings and workshops (Prenatal/Postnatal, Chair Yoga for Seniors, Ashtanga, Baptiste, etc.).

When not teaching and breathing Yoga and cleaning the space for fun, Kathryn can be found on the phone, running, biking, lifting light weights biweekly, not cooking or doing laundry often enough,  cleaning again, or chasing her three university-age children  affectionately nicknamed Warrior I, II and III.